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About Us

Mondas is a cyber security consultancy that provides advanced threat protection services: we can minimise your cyber risk, protect your privacy, and ensure compliance so you can focus on what you do best.

Whether you need to overhaul your security processes and technologies or have a specific project that needs support, we can deliver on time and budget.

We are accredited with the following certifications:

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We want to provide the same high-end security service that large corporations have been benefiting from for years, but at a price point that opens up the market to a much larger audience. By combining our expertise in planning and design with modern cloud-based technologies and a team of talented information security professionals, we have created a service that does exactly that.

Our Method

Understand your needs

We begin every engagement by taking the time to understand our customer’s business, people, processes, and technology. Once we have a detailed view of the entire landscape, we propose a personalised cyber security package that will provide the optimal level of protection while also producing a high return on investment.

Complete an in depth assessment

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess our client’s IT environment. We take time to understand the tools and processes in place to provide a full report, which will assist in creating a roadmap for our recommended cyber package.

Form a security partnership

Whether our clients are large national or global organisations or fast-growing SMEs, we adopt the same approach and principles. We form a partnership to complement the existing IT or security team, helping our clients invest in a security strategy that matches their budget and needs.

Get in touch

To talk through any of our services, or to request a demo of our solutions, contact us today.

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Our Values:


At Mondas, we all have the same goal: client satisfaction. Teamwork is the tool that enables us to achieve this effectively and efficiently.


At Mondas, we are passionate about achieving excellence. This means delivering value throughout the customer journey and going above and beyond to meet your needs.


At Mondas, we are always striving to be the best version of ourselves so we can offer the best to our clients. Accordingly, we foster an environment of growth and development.

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Meet the team

Chris Wilkes-Green

Operations Director

Chris has worked in a senior operational leadership position for the past five years. He specialises in developing corporate expansion through strategic investments and organic growth within the UK and Europe. He enjoys blending marketing with a high golf handicap by losing company-branded golf balls all over the country.

Lance Nevill

Cyber Security Director

Lance is a technology and cyber security strategist, leader, and operational specialist with over twenty years of experience. Acting as a vCISO, he believes in an evidence- and risk- based approach to cybersecurity, the power of partnership, and the championing of secure-by-design working practices. When not fighting cyber criminals, he enjoys helping to mentor talent and diversity in business.

Mondas has proved to be an invaluable cybersecurity service provider to Chakray over the past 12 months. As an SME in the IT integration sector we process a lot of customer data so their simple but scalable cost effective SECaaS model is ideal to keep everything secure.

Jamie Carter
Head of Service Delivery, Chakray
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