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Policy Suite

Use our policy specialists to align your information security policies with the relevant laws and regulations for your business.

What Is A Policy Suite?

Organisations across all industries have different regulatory and legal requirements which they must adhere to. A Policy Suite is a comprehensive suite of information security policies that are built to align with these different requirements. Individual policies and processes are created and implemented to improve your organisation’s compliance with the relevant security standards required in your industry.

Our Service:

Mondas can help your organisation to build a Policy Suite to fit the relevant regulatory and legal requirements. Our consultants will work alongside your business to create policies which are tailored to your operations and ways of working. We can assist you in:

Establishing a new security policy framework

Assessing your existing policy suite to identify gaps and recommendations

Amending and improving your existing policy suite

Embedding your new or existing policy suite

Accreditation and Frameworks

Today, your organisation’s cyber security is under more scrutiny than ever before. There is increasing pressure for companies to ensure they are meeting complex compliance requirements. Mondas solves that by helping organisations to achieve a range of accreditations:

ISO 27001

The international Standard for managing Information Security. ISO 27001 defines the good industry practises an organisation should have in place to best protect its systems, people, and data.

ISO 27701

An extension to ISO 27001 for privacy management. The standard offers guidance regarding the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of a Privacy Information Management System.


This is a voluntary compliance standard which directs how organisations should manage their customer data. The standard is based around five trust services criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Cyber Essentials (CE)

The Scheme is the perfect introductory security accreditation and widely recognised across the UK due to the fact it is Government backed. The entry level demonstrates a basic level of security controls and in place within an organisation.

Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+)

This is a level up from CE whereby the organisation has the controls in place for CE and is then rigorously tested against hacking and phishing attacks.


NIST is a Framework that provides guidance on how to administer and monitor security risks based around 5 core functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

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Key Benefits of a Policy Suite

There are many benefits derived from building a Policy Suite. The main advantages include:

Aligned Security Standards: Establishing policy guidelines will ensure that everyone adheres to the same company standards.

Compliance: Having policies in place will ensure that your business adheres to all the relevant laws and regulations.

Efficient Resource Allocation: You can focus on your business, whilst our specialists focus on ensuring your business complies with the relevant laws.

Customer Confidence: Establishing a policy suite will help you maintain customer trust by demonstrating your commitment to regulation adherence.

Reduced Risk: Implementing stringent security policies will ensure your organisation is well positioned to protect its sensitive data and assets from cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity awareness: Creating and implementing a Policy Suite helps organisations to better understand and manage their security systems.

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Why You Should Choose Mondas…

Tailored Solutions

Our services are fully adapted to the needs of each client. Each business operates in its own sector, and therefore has different laws and regulations that it must comply with. This means it is crucial for our consultants to offer tailored advice to support the creation of an effective Policy Suite. We will assign a dedicated consultant to your business, which will ensure that the individual you work alongside has a comprehensive understanding of your business and its compliance requirements.

Flexible Resource

Our consultants will work to meet your needs as and when they come, regardless of their complexity; we will help you meet your particular needs, whether this means amending your current policies, or rewriting them from scratch. Whether it’s a short or long term engagement, we will be able to step in and drive the policy building process for you, saving you the time and money it takes to hire your own internal team.

Skilled Staff

Our compliance services utilise only the most highly experienced and accredited policy specialists to step in and assist your business in building a Policy Suite. We will ensure that the individual we assign to your team is well equipped to manage your specific needs, meaning you can be confident in our ability to successfully create and implement relevant policies.

Specialist Support

Our policy specialists have a rich wealth of experience working as consultants for a wide range of organisations across a huge variety of industries. This means that they are highly attuned to the legal and regulatory requirements facing businesses like your. Accordingly, you can be confident in their ability to offer relevant and informed support throughout your policy building process.

Cost Effective

Mondas is committed to providing advanced policy suite services at price points that work for all businesses. This means we will tailor our compliance services to align with your budgetary constraints without compromising; we provide protection using expert consultants and leading technology in every engagement.

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