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Managed SOC

Comprehensive cyber security coverage in a single package.

What Is A Managed SOC?

Managed Security Operations Centres combine different cyber solutions to provide a single service of comprehensive cybersecurity coverage. Our SOC analysts use these different solutions to monitor your environment and gain a dynamic view of your business’ threat landscape. This enables our team to identify and mitigate any real-time attacks, ensuring that your data, assets, and devices remain secure.

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Our Service

SIEM and Log Management

Our extensive reporting systems gives organisations the ability to correlate, analyse, and securely store any event data from the entirety of their network.

Asset Discovery

Our comprehensive solution will scan an organisation’s network and provide unique reports to show exactly who and what is connected to their environment.

Vulnerability Management

Mondas’ in-depth Vulnerability Management tools allow organisations to identify, classify and mitigate any cyber threats to their assets across their entire network.

Intrusion Detection

Our dedicated Intrusion Detection and Response tool provides organisations with built-in host, network, and cloud intrusion detection technologies to detect and respond to threats faster.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Our extensive EDR security solution will continuously monitor your organisation’s endpoints in the cloud and on-premise. This will detect any threats or changes to critical files, giving you greater peace of mind.

Behavioural Monitoring

Mondas’ User Behavioural Analytics (UBA) allows organisations to track actors and assets within their environments. This will identify and alert them to suspicious behaviour, user activities, or compromised systems.

Dark Web Monitoring

We check your corporate identity, employee, user, and customer credentials against the largest breached datasets to identify stolen passwords before cybercriminals can use them.

Security and Compliance Reporting

Mondas’ system provides purpose-built, customisable reports that meet regulation standards and compliance frameworks.

Our Managed SOC service combines our most popular managed services into a single package to provide comprehensive cyber security coverage at a very attractive price.

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How Our Managed SOC Works

Our SOC team supports operations throughout the entire incident response lifecycle. Before undergoing remediation, the threat must first be detected, investigated, and responded to. Depending on your business preference, our analysts can remediate these threats for you.

Once an alarm is detected that requires attention, our SOC team will follow agreed-upon playbooks to remediate and contain the threat. This may be to isolate a machine from the network or roll back systems to a safe state at any time of the day or night. No input is necessary from our customers, and a follow-up report summarising the incident will be sent.

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Key Benefits of a Managed SOC

Our Managed SOC service provides many benefits to our clients:

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Dedicated team of security experts: Your business will benefit from the guidance and expertise of a dedicated security team.

Efficient Resource Allocation: You will be able to focus solely on supporting your business operations while we protect you from threats.

Reduction of risk: Our Managed SOC combines our various services to provide a comprehensive cyber security coverage. Our analysts can detect and respond to even the most advanced threats.

Rapid threat detection and response: Our analysts will monitor your environment 24x7x365, so any threats to your business will be detected and remediated in real-time.

Cost effective: Our Managed SOC service combines our most popular services into one cost effective package, and offers an attractive alternative to managing cyber threats internally.

Improves cyber insurance coverage eligibility: Our Managed SOC service improves cyber insurance coverage eligibility by mitigating business risks and guaranteeing continuous threat detection.

Secure remote working environments: Our Managed SOC service effectively ensures that your networks remain secure regardless of remote working environments.

Proactive mitigations: Our SOC team leverages the knowledge they gain from monitoring suspicious activities to produce policies and strategies that help prevent future attacks.

Why You Should Choose Mondas…

Fully UK Based

Mondas Consulting is fully UK based. This means that throughout the operation of our services, none of your data will leave the UK, or be accessed by anyone outside of the UK. This gives you greater assurance in our services, and aligns with common business cybersecurity standards.

Security Vetted

All of our analysts have been security vetted. This means they have been subject to a thorough screening process and passed the relevant security checks before being cleared to handle your data. Accordingly, you can be confident that our team will pose no further risks to your business whilst delivering outstanding service.

Tailored Solutions

Our SOC services are fully adapted to the needs of each client. Each business boasts an entirely unique portfolio of assets that need protecting, which means our security experts must offer a specifically tailored service to safeguard these. We will assign a dedicated team of experts to your business, ensuring that our personnel understand your business and how to protect it best.

Skilled Staff

Regulating a business’ threat landscape requires highly skilled cybersecurity experts. Our team comprises highly accredited analysts who deliver detection, investigation, and remediation capabilities expeditiously across various technologies and domains. Combining our market-leading technologies and certified analysts ensures that you can be confident in our ability to protect your business from even the most sophisticated threats.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our SOC analysts will monitor your security around the clock so you don’t have to. Any threats facing your business will be detected and managed in real-time. Accordingly, every threat will be reviewed, responded to, and documented instantaneously, regardless of the time.

Cost Effective

Mondas is committed to providing advanced threat protection at a price point that works for all businesses. This means we will tailor our SOC package to align with your budgetary constraints without compromising; we provide protection using expert analysts and leading technology in every engagement.

Bespoke Reporting

Our team will produce regular reports to ensure you are fully informed about the threats our analysts are protecting your business against and the measures they take to do this. This means you will have complete and unwavering visibility into the processes and protections we provide.

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