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Security Incident and Event Management – Centralise your entire software and network security logs for real-time analysis to detect threats, discover trends, and meet compliance requirements.

What is a SIEM?

Security Incident and Event Management solutions allow you to collect and analyse log data from all of your digital assets in one place. It will normalise all the data being collected, thereby providing you with valuable insights into your security logs in real-time. A SIEM will alert you of any suspicious activity across your entire IT environment, and can trigger a sequence of actions to automate incident response. All logs ingested by a SIEM will be collected, stored, and managed to meet a variety of compliance requirements, as well as generating real-time compliance reports across all major cyber standards.

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How a SIEM Works

Mondas’ managed SIEM will enhance your business’ cyber security posture by giving you 24x7x365 security monitoring and alerting capabilities across your entire organisation, and centralising all logs within a single pane of glass view.

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Real-Time Threat Detection

We will identify potential security threats in real-time, using advanced analytics and tailored correlation rules. These will ensure we respond quickly to minimise the impact of any security incidents.

Incident Response and Remediation

Mondas will forensically investigate security alerts that are generated within the SIEM to determine its source. We will then provide remediation advice and guidance to mitigate any issues that have been highlighted.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Our managed SIEM incorporates all the leading threat intelligence feeds, in order to enrich and validate the latest emerging threats across the cyber landscape. This will give you proactive defensive capabilities.

Customised Alerts and Notifications

We work with our customers to ensure alerts and rules are customised to suit your businesses risk tolerance and operational requirements. This will keep false positives at a minimum, and focus on providing notifications for real threats within your environment.

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Book in a demo with one of our experts to understand how our SIEM services can help you tighten your security controls.

Key Benefits of a SIEM

A managed SIEM solution will provide a range of benefits to your business:

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Fast Deployment: SIEM solutions can be deployed and configured into your IT environment within hours, with no effect on your normal operations.

Complete Visibility: SIEM solutions will centralise all logs generated from your security tools within your entire IT environment into one single pane view, giving you complete visibility.

Dedicated Team of Security Experts: You will benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team of security professionals who are experienced in a wide range of domains.

Reduction of Risk: Having a managed SIEM to monitor your IT environment around the clock will substantially reduce the risk of your business falling victim to a cyber attack.

Cost Savings: Outsourcing your SIEM solution to a specialist provider will reduce the expense required to hire, train and retain an in-house information security team.

Efficient Resource Allocation: With a team of experts managing your threat environment, your personnel will be able to focus on ongoing business initiatives.

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Why You Should Choose Mondas…

Fully UK Based

Mondas Consulting is fully UK-based. This means that throughout the operation of our services, none of your data will leave the UK or be accessed by anyone outside of the UK. This gives you greater assurance in our services and aligns with common business cybersecurity standards.

Security Vetted

All of our analysts have been security vetted. This means that they have been subject to a thorough screening process and passed the relevant security checks before being cleared to handle your data. Accordingly, you can be confident that our team will pose no further risks to your business whilst delivering an outstanding level of service.

Tailored Solutions

Our SIEM services are fully adapted to the needs of each client. Each business boasts an entirely unique portfolio of assets that need protecting, which means it is crucial for our security experts to offer a service that is specifically tailored to safeguard these. We will assign a dedicated team of experts to your business, which will ensure that our personnel have a comprehensive understanding of your business and how to best protect it.

Skilled Staff

Security incident and event management services require highly skilled cybersecurity experts. Our team consists of highly accredited analysts who deliver high quality data collection, analysis, and remediation capabilities. The combination of our expertise and deployment of market-leading technologies ensures that you can be confident in our ability to protect your business from threats.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Our analysts monitor your IT environment around the clock, so any threats facing your business will be identified and managed in real-time. Accordingly, every threat will be detected, flagged, and managed instantaneously, regardless of the time.

Cost Effective

Mondas is committed to providing advanced threat protection at a price point that works for all businesses. This means we will tailor our SIEM services to align with your budgetary constraints without compromising; we provide protection using expert analysts and leading technology in every engagement.

Bespoke Reporting

Our team will produce regular reports to ensure that you are fully informed about the threats our analysts are detecting and protecting your business against. This means that you will have complete and unwavering visibility into the processes and protections we offer you.

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