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Professional Services

Deliver successful projects using our professional services consultants.

What Is “Professional Services”?

Our professional services solution involves using our team of expert Cyber Security Consultants to ready to step in and deliver any internal projects your organisation needs support with. Whether it’s a short or long term venture, our team will seamlessly integrate themselves within your organisation and deliver high quality output while ensuring your needs are met.

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Our Service:


Mondas’ vCISO representatives provide a huge range of information security capabilities. They will work as an extension of your organisation to upholster your current cyber strategies, and implement enhanced processes and protections.

GRC Consultant

Our team of GRC Consultants are qualified and experienced in assisting organisations in preparing for different audits and certifications. In particular, we can help with: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, NIST, SOC 2, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Security Engineer

Mondas has a team of Security Engineers who have specialties across a wide range of toolsets. Whether you need support configuring or deploying a specific tool, our experts will be ready and able to help.

Data Protection / Data Privacy

Cyber Security is intrinsically linked with data protection; one of the key assets that cyber security operations seek to safeguard is sensitive data. Mondas has a team of experienced Data Protection Officers who will be able to help ensure that your data remains secure.

SecOps Analyst

Mondas can provide your organisation with SecOps Analysts to monitor your security suite of tools, our analysts will escalate and alert of any suspicious activities. They will also configure specific use cases across your security suite, each tailored to your business to deepen security controls.

How Our Professional Services Work…

Mondas’ professional services consultants provide a huge range of information security capabilities. They will work as an extension of your organisation to upholster your current cyber strategies, and implement enhanced processes and protections. To do so, they will undertake the following process:

Our consultants will contextualise their job within your current organisational processes and protections. They will do this by interviewing your key stakeholders and reviewing your existing documentation to assess your security controls, strategies, and technical capabilities. This will help to ensure that our consultants have a deep understanding of your business’ aspirations and vulnerabilities, and are well positioned to deliver on the projects they are supporting.

Our consultants will then assist you in delivering upon the projects you have earmarked for support. The strategy designed for delivering this support will be created in line with any budgets, timeframes, and objectives outlined by your organisation.

After working alongside your organisation to support the project delivery, our consultants will evaluate the outcomes of the work against your wider business goals. Where room for improvement is identified, our consultants will work alongside your business to strategise and implement any appropriate changes.

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Key Benefits of Professional Services

Our professional services solution provides many benefits to our clients. The main advantages include:

Flexible Resource: – Outsourced resources provide the flexibility of ensuring that your organisation’s unique needs can be met as and when they come.

No IR35 Implications: – The introduction of IR35 has led to inflated contractor rates and more red tape. When working with professional services you can avoid these implications.

No Hiring Complications: – Using experienced experts to step in and deliver a project for you saves your company the time and money it would take to hire your own internal team.

No Risk of Contractors: – Using a professional service to complete a project eliminates the risk of hiring contractors on a day rate with no guarantee of project completion.

Opportunity to Upskill: – Using an outsourced expert to work alongside your current team will create an environment of learning in which your employees can upskill themselves.

Agile Project Management: – Outsourcing support ensures that your organisation will have access to a wide range of talent, so your company can remain agile if plans change.

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Why You Should Choose Mondas…

Flexible Resource

We will work to meet your needs as and when they come. Whether it’s a short or long term project, we will be able to step in and drive the process for you, saving you the time and money it takes to hire your own internal team. We can also allocate our resources flexibly to ensure that any different projects you need help with can reach an endpoint at the same time regardless of their size.

Skilled Staff

Our professional services solution utilises only the most highly experienced and accredited consultants to step in and support your organisation in delivering projects. We will ensure that any individuals we assign to your team are well equipped to manage your specific projects and needs. These consultants will be further supported by our wider team of accredited analysts, meaning that you can be confident in our ability to deliver on your needs.

Specialist Support:

Our consultants have gained a rich wealth of experience working for a wide range of organisations across a huge variety of industries. This means that they are highly attuned to the different challenges and obstacles which are currently facing businesses like yours. Accordingly, you can be confident in their ability to deliver projects for your organisation.

Cost Effective

Mondas is committed to providing experienced consultants at price points that work for all businesses. This means we will tailor our solutions to align with your budgetary constraints without compromising; we provide protection using expert teams and leading technology in every engagement.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are fully adapted to the needs of each client. Each organisation boasts an entirely unique portfolio of assets that need protecting, and therefore require support on different projects which are designed to achieve this within their own context. This means it is crucial for our experts to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. We will assign dedicated experts to your business, which will ensure that your projects benefit from specialised and knowledgeable consultants.

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Let’s get the ball rolling…

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