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Are you a cybersecurity enthusiast looking to make a difference in the industry? Well look no further! At Mondas, we’re searching for talented individuals like you to join our team and achieve greatness.

Working at Mondas:

Mondas believes that our clients and employees deserve the best. We’re looking for curious and driven individuals who want to succeed in cybersecurity. We invest in our team members by providing unparalleled training and certifications that enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge. Our team members enjoy fulfilling careers as a result, and our clients benefit from our employees’ exceptional expertise.

Strategy and Architecture

Best said by Benjamin Franklin , ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. This quote begs the most important question of all to be asked, why? Why bother to invest in protecting your staff’s, your customer’s or your company’s personal data and intellectual property. The answer is simple: it’s a matter of trust, the secret sauce that makes good companies great and having an appropriate and effective cyber security plan can and does set your business apart.

Faint pattern of locks, 1s and 0s on top of hexagons
Faint pattern of locks, 1s and 0s on top of hexagons

Cyber Security Strategy

Taking some time to understand what your business has to lose, who is going to attack it and what the best approach is to successfully stop them, builds a resilient business and adds value to your bottom line. Long term and detailed planning is not easy, but we help to fast track you through the blue sky thinking to create a working and actionable IS strategy, that will guide where and how you invest to achieve optimal results.

Cloud Security Architecture

Whether you are a cloud-native business or are migrating on-premises systems to the cloud, getting the right cloud security architecture in place early on will help to prevent potential security weaknesses further down the road. Our cloud security architects will work with your IT or InfoSec teams to identify security risks and implement industry best practices.

Network Security Architecture

Keeping your network secure is vital in the fight against cyber criminals. Our network security architects will work closely alongside your IT department to review your current architecture and provide recommendations for improvements. We can also lead or provide assistance with the implementation of an improvement plan and help with the technical and business change process.

Information Security Architecture

Information Security Architecture Is vitally important to ensure your environment is secure, it is the practice of Secure by design. By assessing, re-designing, planning, testing and implementing Security Architecture frameworks your organisation can have greater assurance in the security of your systems and networks based on your Architecture principles and business requirements.

Remote Working

Ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly with remote workers being a prime target for cyber criminals. With a large number of companies in the UK planning on continuing a fully remote or hybrid working environment for the foreseeable future, getting controls in place to combat this weak spot is an essential part of your cyber security strategy.

Secure Software Development

With the advent of infrastructure as code and cloud computing, software development has never been faster to build and deploy. This can, however, result in security weaknesses unless a secure software development lifecycle is implemented and enforced. Our team understands the frustrations this can cause development teams which is why we work hard to implement a process that will give maximum security with the minimum impact to the developers.

API Security

Modern businesses rely on API’s more and more, yet ensuring they are developed and deployed in a secure manner is often overlooked. Every day, hundreds of encrypted and authenticated API’s are breached with cyber criminals exploiting API vulnerabilities to gain access to critical business data. Our team can help advice on best practice for securing your APIs and can also implement a technical system to audit and monitor the health of all of your APIs 24×7.

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Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Our experienced Security Consultants can assist your organisation in all areas of GRC. Struggling with your policy needs or managing your risks? Let Mondas guide you, we provide onsite or virtual help based on your needs. Let us take the work out of your compliance requirements.

We can help your organisation in building a Policy Suite to fit your organisations, regulatory and legal requirements. We will work with you to create policies and processes to improve your organisation’s compliance to the security framework of your choice. We can assist you in establishing a Security Policy framework, improving an existing policy suite or business readiness for audits.

One of our specialties is assisting businesses in overhauling their Cyber Security functions. We work with your business to create a GAP assessment against ISO 27001, NIST or preferred security standard. We design a phased roadmap for Security Improvements. Let us take the stress of the GAP assessment for you.

Mondas understands the importance of risk management in an organisation. We can assist your organisation in assessing its risks and helping resolving and mitigate the risks identified. We understand that every organisation is different and that adapting the risk mitigation plans based on the organisation’s risk profile is key.

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Data Protection

Understanding, implementing and embedding privacy compliance into a business environment can seem overwhelming and time consuming therefore Mondas provides flexible and tailormade privacy packages supported by qualified and experienced privacy experts to handle data protection obligations on your behalf.

Data Protection Gap Analysis

Mondas can undertake a review of your current environment to determine your compliance status. A gap analysis alongside a detailed implementation plan will be provided to not only highlight the key areas of focus but also provide you with the tools and guidance to implement those changes successfully.

Policy Suite

We can assist in creating a Data Protection Policy Suite incorporating legally required documentation e.g. Privacy Notices as well as user friendly manuals and processes for aspects such as breach notification and subject rights request responses.

Training and Awareness

We can deliver training across your business, adapting the focus and content to suit the job roles/departments, in order for the message to be relatable and understood. Regular updates on data privacy regulation will also be provided to ensure you stay up to date on changes that may affect your businesses.

Accreditation and Frameworks

Today, your organisation’s cyber security is under more scrutiny than ever before. There is increasing pressure for companies to ensure they are meeting complex compliance requirements. Mondas solves that by helping organisations to achieve a range of accreditations.

ISO 27001

The international Standard for managing Information Security. ISO 27001 defines the good industry practice an organisation should have inplace to best protect its systems, people and data.


Looks at the organisational controls related to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy specifically for those that store data in the cloud.

Cyber Essentials (CE)

The Scheme is the perfect introductory security accreditation and widely recognised across the UK due to the fact it is Government backed. The entry level demonstrates a basic level of security controls and in place within an organisation.

Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+)

This is a level up for CE where by the organisation has the controls in place for CE and is the rigorously tested against hacking and phishing attacks.


NIST is a Framework that provides guidance on how to administer and monitor security risks based around 5 core functions Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Cloud Security Alliance

Promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing, and to provide education on the uses of cloud computing to help secure all other forms of computing.

ISO 22301

The international Standard for managing Business Continuity Security Resilience by specifying the requirement to Plan, Establish, Implement, Operate, Monitor, Review, Maintain and Continually improve

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