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My Journey Into Cyber Security

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In a rapidly evolving world driven by technology, the cybersecurity sector plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our digital lives. My personal journey into this exciting field was sparked by a desire to understand and combat identity fraud that I experienced during lockdown. Today, as a GRC Analyst at Mondas, I’m thrilled to share my path into the world of cybersecurity, my passion for the industry, and the importance of women’s contributions in technology and the wider workplace. 

Breaking Barriers 

As someone with dyslexia, embarking on my cybersecurity journey was a meaningful personal challenge. Joining a company that embraced diversity and equality proved not only gratifying but also essential. The need for more women in cybersecurity goes hand in hand with nurturing diversity, enhancing the field’s adaptability, and reinforcing its strength against emerging digital threats. Encouraging women to explore cybersecurity careers can only lead to a richer and more secure digital world. 

The Best Advice 

Throughout my journey, I’ve found one incredibly valuable piece of advice: “Don’t overthink it.” This simple mantra has a profound impact. It reminds us that with passion and determination, we can overcome any challenge or achieve any goal. 

Securing My Dream Role 

Securing my current position as GRC Analyst at Mondas was a journey marked by hard work and determination before I received the call offering me the role. I focused on opportunities that aligned with my aspirations. Ultimately, I chose to join Mondas—a remarkable company that continuously supports my growth and development in the cybersecurity industry. 

Discovering My Passion for GRC 

Initially, my intention was to pursue a career in digital forensics. However, my path took an unexpected turn when I delved into GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance). This field resonated with my past experiences, offering tremendous growth potential and aligning perfectly with my career goals. GRC, as it turns out, was my true calling. 

A Transformative Journey 

I embarked on an intense journey when I enrolled in a 16-week boot camp, which demanded unwavering commitment. Each week brought a new set of assignments, tests, and a substantial amount of information to absorb. This rigorous program not only tested my dedication but also honed my ability to adapt and thrive in a high-pressure environment. The countless hours of study and hard work were, at times, overwhelming. 

Upon graduating from the boot camp, a new phase of my journey began – the hunt for opportunities in the world of information security. Networking became an essential part of my strategy as I connected with seasoned professionals who generously shared their insights, guidance, and expertise. I quickly realized that this industry valued the investment you put into yourself, both in terms of time and continuous learning. 

Transitioning from an entrepreneurial background in the wedding planning sector to information security was a significant shift. I struggled with feelings of not being good enough for the industry, especially given my non-technical background. However, my experience in project management proved invaluable as I tackled various challenges. The ability to work within budgets and consistently meet deadlines, skills honed in my previous role, allowed me to excel in managing initiatives efficiently. 

Furthermore, my background in client communication and stakeholder engagement equipped me with the essential soft skills required to navigate the multifaceted world of information security. These qualities, I discovered, set me apart in an industry that often demands not only technical expertise but also the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and understandable manner. 

To further solidify my knowledge and credentials, I decided to pursue additional education. I obtained the ISO 27001:2022 certification, which provided a robust foundation in information security practices. Currently, I am diligently working towards achieving the Security+ and CISMP certifications, as well as Prince2 project management certification. These endeavors represent my unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and my dedication to becoming a proficient and well-rounded information security professional, despite the initial doubts and struggles I faced. 


Reflecting on my journey into the cybersecurity field, I am filled with excitement and determination. My diverse skill set, influenced by my entrepreneurial background, has equipped me to make a meaningful impact in the world of GRC and InfoSec. My unique perspective, honed through years of managing projects and exceeding client expectations, has become an asset in this dynamic and forward-thinking industry. 

Mondas, the exceptional company that I am proud to be a part of, has provided me with invaluable support throughout this incredible journey. Their unwavering commitment to fostering growth and development is not just commendable, but truly inspiring. 

From day one, I have experienced a work environment that prioritizes the personal and professional growth of its employees. Mondas has a culture that encourages innovation and continuous learning, which has allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge in ways I never thought possible. 

One of the standout qualities of Mondas is its investment in employee development programs. Whether it’s through regular training sessions, mentorship programs, or access to cutting-edge resources, they spare no effort in ensuring that every team member has the tools they need to excel in their roles. This commitment to our growth has not only boosted our individual careers but has also contributed to the company’s overall success. 

Moreover, Mondas places a strong emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside incredibly talented and dedicated colleagues who have not only been great mentors but have also become lifelong friends. The supportive and inclusive atmosphere here has made every challenge feel surmountable and every achievement even more fulfilling. 

In addition to their internal support, Mondas also encourages employees to give back to the community. 

As a woman in this industry, I am committed to inspiring others to break barriers and follow their passion, just as I did. Together, we can create a safer digital world for all. 

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