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Protecting your business against cyber crime

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Today, Cyber- attacks are more frequent than ever before with cyber-criminals finding new intuitive ways to attack your organisation. Now, with the large majority of employees working from home it has made cyber-crime easier and more lucrative than ever before.

With the range of cyber threats being more diverse, we are seeing techniques far beyond the typical ransomware, malware, viruses and phishing attacks- now groups of malicious actors are using DDOS attacks, DNS tunnelling and supply chain attacks to target your critical infrastructure.

Although it may seem a constant battle, there are several weapons to combat these techniques and secure the sensitive data your business holds.

Training and Awareness for employees

Despite cyber security becoming increasingly important for most businesses, your employees are not always aware of the dangers that cyber threats can cause. Often an inadvertent mistake, no matter how small, can put the security infrastructure of your business at risk. In many cases malicious actors will look to find an entry point to your business through one of your employees- which can be as simple as a weak password.

Whilst you are not able to train all of your employees to become IT specialists it has become crucial to invest in a strong cyber security training course that enhances your employees understanding of basic security knowledge and awareness.

Monitor your threats

To significantly improve your chances of being protected against cyber-crime it is important to monitor your systems around the clock. In doing this any anomalies within your systems will be identified in real time and therefore prevent further problems.

Working with a managed service provider will also give you the ability to remediate these problems before they spread throughout your business’s critical infrastructure.

Allocate resources

Many people do not take note of potential threats, because of this they become more susceptible to cyber- attacks. In order to prevent cyber attacks it is key to allocate a suitable budget into tools and technologies which will keep your business along with its sensitive data safe.

As your business grows in size and becomes more diverse, so should the resources you allocate towards keeping your business secure.

Assess your risk appetite

In order to keep your business secure you need to understand the biggest risks to it. Depending on the sector you are in and how you operate will uncover different risks, varying in severity. You are able to use this information, combined with the budget you have been allocated to create a robust cyber security strategy, securing your business against its greatest risks.

Many organisations will hire an expert, either directly or through a managed service provider in order to give an impartial report on where the biggest threats to your business will come from.

Stop hardware theft

In many cases a cyber attack will occur when a malicious actor is able to access the hardware being used by the system you are looking to protect. Should hardware theft occur, you should be on high alert as the security of your business will be on the line.

If you need any help protecting your business against cyber threats, our experts are here and ready to help. All you need to do is get in contact!