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Users exercising their Right of Erasure. Are you ready for it?

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Have you ever thought about your digital footprint? Ever signed up for that welcome 10% discount code, and quickly regretted it after daily advertisements clogging up your inbox? 


We are all transacting online more since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this people are becoming increasingly aware that every action online is recorded and tracked. People are increasingly concerned about the use of their data and the risk of it being mismanaged or exposed. Large scale and highly publicised hacks and leaks have caused people to understand the risk to their data, and we are moving into an era of people regaining control by wanting to fully understand their digital footprint and exercise their data rights to cleanse their inboxes and identities. 

We have seen an increased trend of people wanting to take back control of their personal data. With greater awareness of data rights and the launch of free data mapping and management services, it is becoming easier for individuals to gain back data control. The increase in phishing has also highlighted the need to clean up your digital footprint in order to identify genuine communications from Phishing campaigns. 

With this in mind is your business equipped to deal with these requests? 

Do you know where all your users data is, your legitimate and lawful reasons for keeping the data, along with retention time scales? 

Are you able to respond and resolve these queries within the regulatory timescales and with clear processes to ensure you remove all necessary data when requested? 

Have you considered the negative impact not being able to manage these requests can have on your resources, or even potentially your business reputation?

As an organisation, Erasure requests can be a large drain on admin and technical resources, but it doesn’t have to be. Simplified processes and internal data awareness can be the cleanest ways of ensuring requests are dealt with in a timely and simple manner but a simple process can be troublesome to establish.

If your business is unsure you have the right processes in place, or would like to look for ways to manage these in a smarter way, get in touch with Mondas for a free consultation. Allow us to assess your needs and look to guide you with a simplified approach.